My way to foreign language fluency

My husband can sing a song on how in France most people will refuse to answer a question in English even when he feels that they can understand him at least partly and he is right. Despite mandatory languagesĀ  lessons in french school from grade 6 (now grade 1) to 12th, most french people don’t speak any and if they do a little bit they … Continue reading My way to foreign language fluency

Why spend time blogging

There are millions of reasons why people start blogging, mine is not that original! I just want to connect with individuals who share the same interests as me and maybe get some encouraging comments. My mind is this buzzing machine that keeps on jumping from one idea to the next and never seems to stop. I am constantly hungry for knowledge and some topics keep … Continue reading Why spend time blogging

Practical obstacles to my Franco-Indian Family Life

When I announced to my parents that I would like for them to meet Kedar, the first reaction of my father was to warn me about having a different religion and the impact this would have on our lives and the importance to have a stable set of value and belief to pass to our future children. While I truly value the advice given by … Continue reading Practical obstacles to my Franco-Indian Family Life