Why spend time blogging

There are millions of reasons why people start blogging, mine is not that original! I just want to connect with individuals who share the same interests as me and maybe get some encouraging comments. My mind is this buzzing machine that keeps on jumping from one idea to the next and never seems to stop. I am constantly hungry for knowledge and some topics keep … Continue reading Why spend time blogging

Weird custom… not so much anymore

I have mentioned in a previous post that when both our families are together some topics were very off putting at first. Things that seem obvious in the french lifestyle like serving a 4 course meal with wine and meat to your guest followed by a cup of coffee (espresso to be specific) is neither natural nor self explanatory to other culture especially for Indians … Continue reading Weird custom… not so much anymore

International marriage marathon India vs. France

From childhood I had a specific idea of how my wedding day would look like. Of course, at that time I had no way of knowing that the groom would be Indian and that his own wedding day projection would have little in common with mine. As Kedar and I started discussing marriage we quickly realized that one of us would either have to lean … Continue reading International marriage marathon India vs. France